British Standards

List of British Standards in numerical order.

BS 31 – Specification. Steel conduit and fittings for electrical wiring.

BS 67 – Specification for ceiling roses.

BS 88 – Cartridge fuses for voltages up to and including 1000 V a.c. and 1500 V d.c.

BS 196 – Specification for protected-type non-reversible plugs, socket-outlets, cable
couplers and appliance-couplers with earthing contacts for single phase a.c.
circuits up to 240 volts.

BS 415 – Specification for safety requirements for mains-operated electronic and related
apparatus for household and similar general use.

BS 476 – Fire tests on building materials and structures.

BS 546 – Specification. Two-pole and earthing-pin plugs, socket-outlets and socket-outlet

BS 559 – Specification for electric signs and high voltage luminous-discharge-tube

BS 646 – Specification. Cartridge fuse-links (rated up to 5 amperes) for a.c. and d.c. service.

BS 731 – Flexible steel conduit for cable protection and flexible steel tubing to enclose
flexible drives.

BS 951 – Specification for clamps for earthing and bonding purposes.

BS 1361 Specification for cartridge fuses for a.c. circuits in domestic and similar premises.

BS 1362 Specification for general purpose fuse links for domestic and similar purposes
(primarily for use in plugs).

BS 1363 13 A plugs, socket-outlets, connection units and adaptors.

BS 1710 Specification for the identification of pipelines and services.

BS 2632 – See BS EN 61 011.

BS 2754 – Memorandum. Construction of electrical equipment for protection against electric

BS 2848 – Specification for flexible insulating sleeving for electrical purposes

BS 3036 – Specification. Semi-enclosed electric fuses (ratings up to 100 amperes and 240
volts to earth).

BS 3042 – Test probes to verify protection by enclosures.

BS 3456 – Specification for safety of household and similar electrical appliances.

BS 3535 – Isolating transformers and safety isolating transformers.

BS 3676 – Switches for household and similar fixed electrical installations.

BS 3858 Specification for binding and identification sleeves for use on electric cables and

BS 3871 – Specification for miniature and moulded case circuit-breakers.

BS 4066 – Tests on electric cables under fire conditions.

BS 4099 – Colours of indicator lights, push-buttons, annunciators and digital readouts.

BS 4293 – Specification for residual current-operated circuit-breakers. (See also BS EN 61
008-1 and BS EN 61 009-1.)

BS 4343 – See BS EN 60 309-2.

BS 4363 – Specification for distribution assemblies for electricity supplies for construction
and building sites.

BS 4444 – Guide to electrical earth monitoring and protective conductor proving.

BS 4483 – Specification for steel fabric for the reinforcement of concrete.

BS 4491 – Appliance couplers for household and similar general purposes.

BS 4533 – Luminaires.

BS 4568 – Specification for steel conduit and fittings with metric threads of ISO form for
electrical installations.

BS 4573 – Specification for 2-pin reversible plugs and shaver socket-outlets.

BS 4579 – Specification for performance of mechanical and compression joints in electric
cable and wire connectors.

BS 4607 – Non-metallic conduits and fittings for electrical installations.

BS 4662 – Specification for boxes for the enclosure of electrical accessories.

BS 4678 – Cable trunking.

BS 4737 – Intruder alarm systems.

BS 4752 – See BS EN 60 947.

BS 4884 – Technical manuals.

BS 4940 – Recommendation for the presentation of technical information about products and
services in the construction industry.

BS 4941 – See BS EN 60 947-4-1.

BS 5042 – Specification for bayonet lampholders.

BS 5266 – Emergency lighting.

BS 5306 – Fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises.

BS 5445 – Components of automatic fire detection systems.

BS 5446 – Components of automatic fire alarm systems for residential premises.

BS 5467 – Specification for cables with thermosetting insulation for electricity supply for
rated voltages of up to and including 600/1000 V and up to and including
1900/3300 V.

BS 5468 – See BS 6469 and BS 6899.

BS 5486 – Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies (see also BS EN 60 439).

BS 5490 – See BS EN 60 529.

BS 5501 – Electrical apparatus for potentially explosive atmospheres.

BS 5518 – Specification for electronic variable control switches (dimmer switches) for
tungsten filament lighting.

BS 5588 – Fire precautions in the design, construction and use of buildings

BS 5593 – Specification for impregnated paper-insulated cables with aluminium
sheath/neutral conductor and three shaped solid aluminium phase conductors
(CONSAC), 600/1000 V, for electricity supply.

BS 5655 – Lifts and service lifts.

BS 5733 – Specification for general requirements for electrical accessories.

BS 5784 – Safety of electrical commercial catering equipment.

BS 5839 – Fire detection and alarm systems in buildings.

BS 6004 – Specification for PVC-insulated cables (non-armoured) for electric power and

BS 6007 – Specification for rubber-insulated cables for electric power and lighting.

BS 6053 – Specification for outside diameters of conduits for electrical installations and
threads for conduits and fittings. (See also BS EN 60 423.)

BS 6081 – Specification for terminations for mineral-insulated cables.

BS 6099 – Conduits for electrical installations. (See also BS EN 50 086-1.)

BS 6121 – Mechanical cable glands.

BS 6141 – Specification for insulated cables and flexible cords for use in high temperature

BS 6207 – Specification for mineral-insulated cables with a rated voltage not exceeding
750 V.

BS 6231 – Specification for PVC-insulated cables for switchgear and controlgear.

BS 6266 – Code of practice for fire protection for electronic data processing installations.

BS 6346 – Specification for PVC-insulated cables for electricity supply.

BS 6351 – Electric surface heating.

BS 6360 – Specification for conductors in insulated cables and cords.

BS 6369 – BS EN 61 011-1

BS 6458 – Fire hazard testing for electrotechnical products.

BS 6467 – Electrical apparatus with protection by enclosure for use in the presence of
combustible dusts.

BS 6469 – Insulating and sheathing materials of electric cables.

BS 6480 – Specification for impregnated paper-insulated lead or lead alloy sheathed electric
cables of rated voltages up to and including 33 000 V.

BS 6500 – Specification for insulated flexible cords and cables.

BS 6651 – Code of practice for protection of structures against lightning.

BS 6701 – Code of practice for installation of apparatus intended for connection to certain
telecommunication systems.

BS 6702 – See BS EN 60 400.

BS 6708 – Specification for flexible cables for use at mines and quarries.

BS 6713 – Explosion protection systems.

BS 6724 – Specification for armoured cables for electricity supply having thermosetting
insulation with low emission of smoke and corrosive gases when affected by fire.

BS 6726 – Specification for festoon and temporary lighting cables and cords.

BS 6739 – Code of practice for instrumentation in process control systems: installation
design and practice.

BS 6746 – Specification for PVC insulation and sheath of electric cables.

BS 6765 – Leisure accommodation vehicles: caravans.

BS 6776 – See BS EN 60 238.

BS 6840 – Sound system equipment.

BS 6883 – Specification for elastomer insulated cables for fixed wiring in ships and in
mobile and fixed offshore units.

BS 6899 Specification for rubber insulation and sheath of electric cables.

BS 6972 – Specification for general requirements for luminaire supporting couplers for
domestic, light industrial and commercial use.

BS 6977 – Specification for insulated flexible cables for lifts and for other flexible

BS 6991 – Specification for 6/10 A, two-pole weather-resistant couplers for household,
commercial and light industrial equipment.

BS 7001 – Specification for interchangeability and safety of a luminaire supporting coupler.

BS 7002 – See BS EN 60 950.

BS 7071 – Specification for portable residual current devices.

BS 7211 – Specification for thermosetting insulated cables (non-armoured) for electric power
and lighting with low emission of smoke and corrosive gases when affected by

BS 7288 Specification for socket-outlets incorporating residual current devices.

BS 7361 – Cathodic protection.

BS 7375 – Code of practice for distribution of electricity on construction and building sites.

BS 7430 – Code of practice for earthing.

BS 7454 – Method of calculation of thermally permissible short-circuit currents, taking into
account non-adiabatic heating effects.

BS 7527 – Classification of environmental conditions.

BS 7629 – Thermosetting insulated cables with limited circuit integrity when affected by fire.
BS 7671 Requirements for electrical installations. IEE Wiring Regulations. Sixteenth

BS 8450 – Code of practice for installation of electrical and electronic equipment in ships.

BS 7909 – Code of practice for design and installation of temporary distribution systems
delivering a.c. electrical supplies for lighting, technical services and other
entertainment related purposes.

PD 6531 – Queries and interpretations on BS 5839: Parts 1 and 4 (as amended).

PD 6519 – Effect of current passing through the human body.

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