What is an integrated RCD ?

An ‘integrated’ RCD is an electronic device designed to function similarly to a traditional RCD, adhering to relevant product standards through programmed algorithms.

Some EVSE include a residual direct current protective device (RDC-PD), which integrates AC, pulsating DC, and 6 mA DC detection, evaluation, and mechanical switching in a single unit. Requirements for RDC-PDs are detailed in Annex O (normative) of BS IEC 62955:2018. Except for specific clauses modified by BS IEC 62955, RDC-PDs must meet all requirements of either IEC 61008 or IEC 61009.

An RDC-DD/RDC-PD is not listed among the devices in Regulation 722.531.3.101, placing installers in a challenging situation. According to BS 7671 and BS EN IEC 61851, RCDs must comply with one of the following standards: BS EN 61008-1, BS EN 61009-1, BS EN 60947-2, or BS EN 62423.