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The rewire of Buckingham Palace

We were recently looking online and found some information regarding the rewire of Buckingham Palace, this started a few years ago in 2018 but the information is still relevant as they reckon it will take 10 years to do all the required work on this building !

The work is to rewire the building, but remember this is not your typical 3 bedroom house.

From what we understand there is 775 rooms. It has 6500 plug sockets and 5000 light fittings. An estimated 100 miles of electrical cabling.

The electrical cabling and heating have not been updated since shortly after the Second World War in the 1940s.

Work is currently underway to remove a further 1.5km of VIR cabling from State Rooms including the Picture Gallery, Blue Drawing Room, Music Room, White Drawing Room, and Throne Room.

It’s also surprising to find out there is no maps or plans that show where any of the original cables go.

The below image is from a blog post on the Royal UK website and shows the work been undertaken.

Image via the website

The below video has some interesting facts and video footage from the rewire at Buckingham Palace.