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Product Review – SEBSON PIR Sensor

Please watch the below video for an independent review of the SEBSON PIR motion detector for indoor.

  • The motion detector has a maximum power consumption of 1200W for usual lamps and 300W for energy saving lamps.
  • The infrared sensor of this motion detector detects movements in a detection range of up to 6m with a detection angle of 360° (on free area).
  • The duty cycle is 10 seconds to 15 minutes.
  • The built-in motion detector can also be adjusted according to the ambient brightness (in the range between 3 and 2,000 LUX).
  • Size – dimensions Ø75x75mm

This sensor is available to buy from Amazon via the below link.

Fluke T5-1000 – Video Review

We wanted to share this with you, we have found this great video review of the Fluke T5-1000. This is one of the most popular meters around, used by thousands of electricians worldwide.

Buy The Fluke T5-1000 Now !

New Wylex NMX Consumer Units

Features & Benefits of Wylex NMX Consumer Units 

    • Dual screw mains tail terminals on main switch & main neutral bar
    • Seamless enclosure & lid
    • Lockable lid
    • Compact enclosure footprint
    • All metal enclosure, no external plastic parts
    • Low Smoke & Fume paint
    • Non combustible cover blanks
    • Compact enclosure
    • ‘No miss terminal’ fixed / flexible busbar easily configured at installation
    • Raised & removable busbar & pan assembly
    • Cable entry knockouts on 5 sides, top, bottom, left, right and rear
    • Plain side enclosure versions (rear knockouts)
    • Mains tails cable entry grommet / gland available for supplementary insulation similar to Class II level of protection to mains tails
    • Flame retardant cable entry grommets available for outgoing circuits
    • Time delay RCD available
    • 18 module enclosures offering Main Switch, High Integrity, Split Load & Dual RCD versions
    • Flexible modular DIN rail for control devices alongside MCBs & RCBOs
    • RoHS compliant in excess of UK standards
    • UKAS certified to BS EN 61439-3
    • 80A 30mA RCCBs as standard