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Product Recall – TIME Cable 2 Core Flexible Cables

TIME Cables would like to make customers aware of a safety concern with regards to the below TIME Cables products sold via B&Q and Tradepoint from December 2020 to April 2021.

A printing error on the packaging has resulted in the incorrect amp rating of 25A being advised, as opposed to 6A, 10A or 16A.

The printing error may result in the product(s) being used for an installation which draws in excess of the current for which it is officially rated, potentially causing a risk of fire. Please check with your installer that these products have not been used with such applications.

The affected products were on sale between December 2020 & April 2021.

BarcodeProduct descriptionSheath Text visible on the cable will include the belowCorrect maximum amp rating
5055268787007TIME 2 Core Flat Flexible Cable 0.75mm² 2192YWhite 5MH03VVH2-F 2×0,75 mm²6 amps
5018486486404TIME 2 Core Flat Flexible Cable 0.75mm² 2192YBlack 5MH03VVH2-F 2×0,75 mm²6 amps
5055268787014TIME 2 Core Flat Flexible Cable 0.75mm² 2192YGold 5MH03VVH2-F 2×0,75 mm² 6 amps
5055268786796TIME 2 Core Flat Flexible Cable 0.75mm² 2192YGold 25MH03VVH2-F 2×0,75 mm² 6 amps
5018486437840TIME 2 Core Round Flexible Cable 1.0mm² 3182YOrange 25MH05VV-F 2×1 mm²10 amps
5055268787038TIME 2 Core Round Flexible Cable 1.5mm² 3182YWhite 5MH05VV-F 2×1,5 mm²16 amps
5055268787045TIME 2 Core Round Flexible Cable 1.5mm² 3182YWhite 10MH05VV-F 2×1,5 mm²16 amps

Product Recall – 6 Lamp Chandelier

The product presents a risk of electric shock as the basic insulation of the wiring was in contact with accessible metal parts. The ceiling cowl also had no provision of earthing and class II construction had not been met.

The instructions supplied with this sample were also considered to be inadequate as they do not contain adequate safety information and details to ensure the correct and safe use and installation of the product.

The product does meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.

Product Recall – Fluke T110, T130 and T150 Two-Pole Voltage Testers


Risk of electric shock due to false readings from product


Fluke state that:

“It has been determined that certain Recalled Testers may experience premature failure of the interconnecting cable under cyclical bending stress. Recent experiments conducted by Fluke have shown a wide distribution in the number of cycles to failure exhibited by the Recalled Testers, meaning that certain Recalled Testers are subject to failure earlier than expected, leading to a useful life for certain of them that Fluke considers unacceptable.

Further, the cable may fail in an intermittent fashion where, depending on the cable flex orientation, it is possible for a Recalled Tester to pass a self check continuity test or validation on a known voltage source, while subsequent tests may display a false negative. The primary function of a T-Pole Tester is to detect the presence or absence of voltage to determine whether it is safe to touch an electrical installation and begin work.

A false negative may lead to electric shock or arc flash from subsequent user actions as a result of the false negative indication, which may lead to injury or even death. Because of this risk, please IMMEDIATELY STOP using your T-Pole Tester”

What To Do

If you believe that you possess an affected product stop using it immediately and check the below webpage for further details and recall information

Fluke Recall