Wiring Matters (Issue 86) July 2021

This is a look at what’s inside Issue 86 (July 2021) of the IET Wiring Matters magazine.

The framework for energy efficiency in electrical installations

This is Part 2 of Cameron Steel’s 3 part series of articles on energy efficiency in electrical installations.

Setting up a basic electrical maintenance regime

Electrical installations and the components within them are sometimes taken for granted and once installed, have an expectation to provide reliable, continuous service indefinitely.

Hot tubs

The IET has recently received an influx of calls on the helpline regarding the confusion surrounding hot tub installations. In this article, we try and provide clarity by examining the facts available to assist the designer in making an informed decision to avoid finding themselves in hot water.

Back to the Forum – Thermal effects

Discussions on renewable energy have made it to the IET Engineering Communities forum several times recently. Renewable electricity will play a crucial part in achieving ambitious UK Government emission targets, but this will mean an increased maximum demand for electrical installation. In this article, we look at the effects of increased temperature and thermal effects on cables and consumer units.

Arc flash risk management

Details on a health and safety factfile provided by the IET.

View the full Issue 86 (July 2021) of the IET Wiring Matters magazine here

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