UK Electronics Company Develop Parts For Britwind Wind Turbines

UK electronics company develop bespoke coil and machinery for wind turbine manufacturer

AGW Electronics have designed and developed a bespoke coil and associated winding machine for UK wind turbine manufacturer Britwind.

Due to the compact nature and unusual shape of the wind turbine, standard products were unable to be used. AGW have not only ensured that the coil was wound with great control and precision, but also manufactured a specific machine allowing them to fulfil this order.

Initially, Britwind approached AGW with a prototype coil that had been made in parts where the separate wire strands had to be soldered together. This had been challenging and the coil that was developed was subject to vulnerability and quality problems, as well as taking up some needed space in the design.

AGW were able to develop a bespoke coil which had a continuous run of the wire strands (so no solder joints) despite the coil winding having to change direction.

“We knew that we would be able to provide a solution to our client’s challenge, however, initially we did not have a machine at that time that was capable of making the specified coil. As specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke electronics components we manufactured a specific machine to allow us to fulfil their requirements.”
Nigel Godwin, MD AGW

We hope that our new development for this company will allow us to work further with other similar companies in this industry with cost effective results.

“The winding component was very technically challenging, however AGW displayed their knowledge and years of technical experience throughout the process and their winding technique achieved a very consistent control of the coil. We had great communication with AGW all the way through the project and we were very impressed by their resourcefulness in building a bespoke machine.”
Mike Wastling, Technical Director, Britwind.

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