How to spot the fake IET books

According to the IET website they are aware of several counterfeit versions of its books in circulation.

BS 7671, the On-Site Guide, Guidance Note 3 and the Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment are all known to have counterfeit versions in circulation, with varying numbers of mistakes in each.

Adhering to text in counterfeit electrical books can lead to non-compliant installations, which could be potentially very dangerous. BS 7671 exists to ensure that electrical installations are safe and to reduce the risk of fire or electric shock. Using corrupted information undermines the safety of your work.

To help combat this issue, current and future copies of BS 7671, the On-Site Guide and Guidance Note 3 all contain a hologram. This currently contains the IET logo in two sizes and the word ‘GENUINE’ as well as a number of additional features.

Although this can help you to identify a fake, it is not foolproof, as counterfeiters can produce similar versions of the hologram. The only way to be certain of buying a genuine copy of our books is to buy directly from the IET, or from one of the approved suppliers (Amazon been one example)

The IET is a charity, and the dissemination of information is part of our charitable remit. Any surplus from the sale of the books is re-invested into producing guidance for industry, through our publications programme and Wiring Matters magazine. The proceeds from the sale of fake books do not support the industry in any way and harm the IET’s ability to fulfil its remit.

If you think you might have mistakenly purchased a fake copy of an IET book, please get in touch with the IET with as much information as possible about the book and where you bought it.

Unfortunately, the IET cannot reimburse purchases bought from suppliers of counterfeit books, nor assist with the resolution of disputes, but they are working to shut down any counterfeiters that they find and take legal action against them to reduce the risk to the industry.

Links to the books listed above (via Amazon)

Amazon – Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (Electrical Regulations) –

Amazon – On-Site Guide (BS 7671:2018) (Electrical Regulations) –

Amazon – Requirements for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations, Eighteenth Edition, BS 7671:2018 (Electrical Regulations) –

Amazon – Guidance Note 3: Inspection & Testing (Electrical Regulations) –

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